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How to cook
Instruction Video

American Style Bbq Wings from Oh Deli are to die for. If you're craving chicken wings, you can now enjoy them right at your doorstep. Enjoy our chicken wings marinated in our version of the smokey, spicy, sticky, and grilled in less than 12 minutes. They make for a lovely appetizer with your meal, and get ready in a matter of minutes! It can be pan-fried, grilled, or oven-roasted. Order Chicken Wings from Oh Deli and get it delivered right at your doorstep anywhere in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

Pre-cooking prep

Remove the meat out from the packet and massage the meat, to evenly coat the marinade.

Frying Pan 

Place a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Heat a teaspoon of oil or butter and let it warm up. Place the wings one at a time allowing the wing to sear on the bottom of the pan. When the side browns, flip it over and allow the other side to brown. The golden brown color is not only a feast to the eyes, but also enhances the taste of the

final product. 

Sprinkle some water occasionally into the pan to retain the moisture, put a lid off and let the moisture escape. Towards the end of the cooking process,

Time: Should take you around 10 minutes, to cook evenly. Serve with a Dip and Relish of your choice.

Oven or Air Fryer Method 

Warm it up to 180 degrees. Transfer the wing into a baking tray and place it in the oven for about 15 Minutes.  Brush with Butter at regular intervals to prevent drying out. When ready, remove the tray out of the oven. Place the wing on a serving dish. 

Time: Should take anywhere between 15 to 25 mins.

Microwave method: 

Not recommended. This will dry out the meat from the inside and won’t brown the outside.


For an Instruction on How to Cook kindly follow the link below:- https://youtu.be/XyFgVREC-ck

Kindly subscribe to our youtube channel ohdeliindia. While using web browser kindly click on the link below for a detailed instruction video. https://youtu.be/XyFgVREC-ck