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Tandoori Chicken is King of Indian food! Our Tandoori chicken is marinated for 24hours giving you that perfect smokey flavor for direct consumption or for your curries. Roast in Oven or Air Fryer, and you have the best kebab for your loved one. Order Tandoori Chicken from Oh Deli and get it delivered right at your doorstep anywhere in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

Pre-cooking prep

Remove the meat out from the packet and massage the meat, so as to coat the marinade.

Frying Pan

Place The Marinade On Non-Stick Pan Over Medium Heat. Add A Teaspoon Of Ghee or Butter,  And Let It Warm-Up.Place The Meat One At A Time Allowing The Meat To Cook On The Bottom Of The Pan.

When The Side Browns, Flip It Over And Allow The Other Side To Cook Too.You Should Sprinkle Some Water Occasionally To Retain The Moisture, Cover with A Lid and let it cook evenly. 

The Whole Process Takes Around 10 Minutes To Get A Nice Golden Color. 

Oven method or Air Fryer

Warm it up to 180 degrees. Once Pre-heated, Place the Meat on the Baking Tray, and place in the oven. Brush With Ghee or Butter at Regular Intervals. When ready, Remove The Meat From The Tray And  Brush With Ghee and Sprinkle Some Chat Masala and Green Coriander. Place the meat on a serving dish.

Time: Should take around 20 to 35 mins in the oven, while Air Fryer Would Take around 15 Min to be Well Done.

Microwave method:

Not recommended. This will dry out the meat from the inside and won’t brown the outside.

Kindly subscribe to our youtube channel ohdeliindia. While using web browser kindly click on the link below for a detailed instruction video.https://youtu.be/SlvkI3cRCYM