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State-of-the-art plant

Revolutionizing Quality: Harnessing State-of-the-Art Technology in Our Meat Production Plant for Unmatched Excellence!.

Oh Deli

Best quality raw meat

Uncompromising Quality: Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Our Premium Raw Meat Selection!.

Oh Deli

Modern & hygienic facilities

Elevating Standards: Crafting Quality with Modern Innovation and Hygienic Excellence in Every Facility!.

Oh Deli

Cutting-edge German technology

Experience Excellence: Elevating Taste with Cutting-Edge German Technology in Every Slice of Our Premium Meat Selection!

Oh Deli

Raw Material,

Crafting Culinary Excellence: Oh Deli Ensures the Finest Raw Materials, Meeting Rigorous Quality Standards. Elevate Your Dishes with Confidence, Every Ingredient Reflects Our Commitment to Excellence!


Maintaining Hygiene Excellence: Oh Deli complies with internal standards and strict FSSAI guidelines, guaranteeing utmost safety and purity in each product, assuring you of quality with every purchase.


To guarantee purity, a dual RO system purifies water/ice, rigorously evaluated daily. Water pipelines are color-coded for easy identification, ensuring uncompromised safety and quality standards in our products.

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Our plant boasts a dedicated maintenance team, rigorously trained and available round-the-clock. They meticulously adhere to a proactive maintenance approach, ensuring operational efficiency and uninterrupted production.

Pest Prevention

For robust pest prevention, we entrust daily inspections to PCI (Pest Control of India), both inside and outside our facility. Quarterly audits and trend analyses, conducted in collaboration with PCI, drive continual improvement in our pest management practices.

Sensible Storage

Our storage system prioritizes safety and organization. Raw materials are segregated by food and non-food ingredients, allergens and non-allergen materials, ensuring utmost purity. Chemicals for cleaning are stored separately, restricted to authorized personnel, maintaining strict safety protocols.

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Welcome to Oh Deli, where innovation meets culinary excellence! We're dedicated to crafting highly nutritious, quality, and hygienically packaged products, blending both meat and vegetarian options. Our range spans from fresh offerings to convenient prep-free meals, including marinated raw, treated, and tumbled meats, customized to client specifications. Whether fresh or frozen, our products boast shelf lives ranging from 6 months to 1 year, ensuring freshness and flavor in every bite.