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Oh Deli

State-of-the-art plant

With the most sophisticated machinery installed, our state-of-the-art plant has a production capacity of 500 tonnes per month.

Oh Deli

Best quality raw meat

Our raw meat is sourced only from approved suppliers, and is supplied with a certificate assuring its quality.

Oh Deli

Modern & hygienic facilities

The most modern and hygienic facilities and processes are present all throughout the plant.

Oh Deli

Cutting-edge German technology

The most premium quality products are produced, batch after batch, owing to the cutting-edge German technology our plant possesses.

Oh Deli

Raw Material,

Starting at level zero, raw meat is procured only from the approved suppliers, such as, SHL agro, Shanthi Foods etc. Along with every supply, a health certificate is submitted by the suppliers, declaring that the meat is free from antibiotics and diseases, and is absolutely fit for human consumption


Detailed systems have been developed to manage all the stages of cleaning of the equipments, drains, tools, etc. Protective gear is used mandatorily by the personnel, and strict procedures are followed to ensure that good personal hygiene practices are followed by the workers.


A double RO system has been implemented to ensure that the water/ice used in the products is free from any kind of contamination. The effectiveness of the RO is evaluated daily. Additionally, water pipelines have been colour-coded for identification.

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A highly skilled & trained maintenance team, present at all times at the plant, ensures that the adopted system of preventive maintenance is followed thoroughly.

Pest Prevention

A daily inspection of pest activity inside & outside the plant is outsourced to PCI (Pest control of India). A thorough quarterly audit and trend analysis, for continual improvement, is carried out with the PCI team.

Sensible Storage

The storage system for raw material is designed in such a way that the food and non-food ingredients; allergens and non-allergen materials, all stand segregated. Also, chemicals used for cleaning are stored separately, and restricted to use by authorized personnel only.

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Let me take you through Oh Deli! Oh Deli is an ever-dynamic brand carefully established to advance the production of highly nutritious, quality and hygienically packaged "produce" which culminates both meat and vegetarian range of products. From fresh to an array of prep free meals like marinated Raw, Treated & Tumbled Meat we also do marinated meats as per client specs. We deal in Fresh/ Chilled products to frozen products with a shelf life of 6 Months upto 1 year.